15 Years of Experience

in self-adhesive labels

The Sorex company is one of the largest producers of selfadhesive labels in A4 format in SOUTHERN Europe. We are focused on the development of high-quality labels under our own and other brand names. For more than fifteen years, we have been realising our strategic goals and following our mission and vision.


Our core task is to enable our business partners a simple way of labelling their products. The mission is achieved through a rich variety of self-adhesive paper products, PET materials and silver foil.


We are expanding our position as the largest producer of self-adhesive labels in A4 format into the Middle East and Africa. This is achieved independently by strengthening long-term relationships with our partners in the fields of development, product supply and marketing. At the same time we are looking for new business possibilities in entering new markets.


Organisation, innovation and diligence allow us to respond rapidly. Our aim is to be flexible in production and sales. This is achieved by responding rapidly to new needs, new markets, coordinated production and distribution. With flexible solutions, we can justify the expectations of our business partners.


Successful business performance is achieved through good human relations; therefore, we build good relationships within the company and with our business partners.


The best results can only be achieved with motivated employees and business partners. We encourage our employees to express and to realise their ideas. Together, we seek new ways of how to satisfy our customers. As best we can, we perform tasks in accordance with our mission. We strive to be the best in what we do and to deliver in the shortest period.

For more than fifteen years, we have been realizing our strategic goals and following our mission, vision and values.

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